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If you want to travel to Spain there are different requirements you must take into account if you want to avoid problems when leaving your country and when you arrive in Spain.

To be able to travel to Spain you need to:

  • Be in possession of a passport or a valid travel document

The document must be valid during the whole stay in Spain. People from European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein only need a valid national identity document and if a minor is travelling abroad a parental authorization is also required.

  • Be in possession of a valid visa

This is required for those countries included on the list of countries which require a visa when crossing the EU’s external borders, which can be found here.

Foreigners who have a valid resident permit or a long-term visa by another Schengen State will be able to go for a maximum of 3 months to another Schengen State with a valid passport or travel document, justifying the purpose of their stay and having the sufficient means for subsistence as well. Not to mention that foreigners must accredit that they are not a threat to the public health, public order, national security or international relations of Spain.

  • Documents which justify the purpose and conditions of the intended stay and have the sufficient means of subsistence.

-For tourism or private reasons, you need:

  • A supporting letter of the establishment providing accommodation or a letter of invitation
  • Documents which give information about your booking, your itinerary, etc.
  • A return ticket

-For professionals or workrelated trips, you need:

  • Invitation from a company or authorization to participate in meetings, conventions and any job-related kind of event.
  • Document providing the existence of business or commercial relations
  • Access cards to fairs, conventions and events.
  • Invitations, entrance cards and name of the hosting organization and duration of the stay

-For study-related trips, you need:

  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Certificates about the courses attended

*Sometimes, medical certificates may be required by the Ministry of the Interior as well.

Source: Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation