Visit some of the best museums in the Valencian Country

If you are in the Valencian Country, there are a few museums that you should visit and enjoy alone or with you family. Here you have some suggestions which are really worth it:

City of Arts and Sciences (City of Arts and Science)


It is located in Valencia and it is kind of futuristic. It is the ideal place to go with kids and have fun with the different objects and inventions which are exposed inside the museum.

The different experiments and inventions seen in the museum will fascinate you for sure and will entertain you.



This building is also located in Valencia and it offers a very interactive and innovative experience - a cinema and a planetarium- which will be ideal for those people who love films in a big screen.

Museum of Fine Arts (Museum of Fine Arts)


One of the most spectacular art museums. In this museum, you can find paintings by Goya or Velázquez and a collection of primitive Valencian Masters, so it is a good place for those people who want to learn more about art and the culture of Valencia.



This museum is the largest aquarium in Europe and the ideal place if you are visiting Valencia with kids. This museum offers an educational and entertaining experience for all those people who want to learn about animals and observe them.

Prince Felipe Science Museum (Prince Felipe Science Museum)


This museum is characterized for its diversity, so people can enjoy of different expositions inside the museum, such as those about human body and those about electricity.

There is no doubt that this museum is an ideal place for both kids and adults.

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