Thursday, July 9, 2020

Rural tourism, the best option to flee the coronavirus

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The coronavirus is affecting many sectors, especially the economy, and a large part of this crisis will be experienced by the services and tourism sectors.

The bookings for the closest holidays, which are those of Easter, have fallen considerably for fear of contagion, and also due to the lack of information and insecurity.

So what is the solution, stay home?

Rural tourism is a very good option for these vacations, a natural and healthy way to escape the contagion of the coronavirus, and it is that rural houses have always been sold as a perfect escape route, since, apart from doing it for this fact It also has other benefits such as fighting stress and anxiety.

In these times, rural tourism could be better than an alternative leisure plan to the vacation periods that are coming, and become an opportunity to get out of the focus of localized contagion.

Outdoor activities have always been highly recommended for health and where you can enjoy activities that you do not do the rest of the year, a perfect place to enjoy with the family.

Rural tourism in the Valencian Community

The Valencian Community is the ideal option to enjoy rural tourism, since you can spend a few days close to nature, whether in the mountains, in the countryside or next to the coast.

Get ready to live the adventure thanks to a wide range of active tourism activities and let yourself be caught by the tradition of the small towns of the Costa Blanca, Valencia Terra i Mar and Castellón. The most beautiful rural towns in the Valencian Community are the following:

Culla (Castellón)

If there is any place where nature, incredible landscapes, beautiful and medieval streets come together, it will transport you and show you the most medieval and magical Culla, where, in addition, it has a large number of rural houses and hotels that make it an ideal destination to spend a few days on vacation or a weekend getaway.

The stay favors forgetting for a moment the hustle and bustle of the cities and enjoying the many activities it offers: excursions through beautiful places, visits to the Parc Miner del Maestrat, to the Interpretation Center Molí de l´Orde, tastings of gastronomy and local products, etc.

Vilafamés (Castellón)

It is a town in the interior of Castellón with a lot of charm and the perfect place to get lost if you want to disconnect from the world. In addition, it hides unique places, such as 80.000 years old and Bronze Age paintings, its castle of Muslim origin, the views from it to see the entire valley, its churches and hermitages and El Quartijo or El Palacio del Batle.

Sant Mateu (Castellón)

A unique place to enjoy medieval history. The splendid medieval past of Sant Mateu has bequeathed us authentic heritage jewels that impress the visitor during their walk through the town. A walk through history that will make you forget about any problem and will take you back to the medieval past.

Ares del Maestrat (Castellón)

Ares del Maestrat sits on an imposing rocky mass, an enclave with privileged views of the rugged landscape of the region. In this molar are the ruins of the old Arab castle, which preserves the canvases on its walls.
The Cova del Castell museum tells the visitor the most relevant events in the history of Ares del Maestrat. A story that begins in prehistory, as witnessed by the exceptional cave paintings of Cova Remigia, World Heritage by Unesco.

Morella (Castellón)

It is an extraordinary example of a Gothic city and has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest, so you can enjoy a large number of old buildings such as its castle or medieval walls.

Likewise, strolling through the set of staggered streets and the arcades of Blasco de Alagón, taking the circular route of the mountain along the Paseo de la Alameda and looking outside at the medieval aqueduct of Santa Llúcia are essential proposals for getting to know this city.

Chulilla (Valencia)

Your visit to Chulilla will not leave you indifferent, therefore, before visiting it, it is recommended that you access all the information to organize your getaway and decide whether you will go hiking or climbing, if you will come determined to do thermal tourism or will rather opt for cultural tourism, or while you prefer to enjoy all these activities taking advantage of a wonderful horseback ride through the Barony.

Alpuente (Valencia)

Alpuente is a municipality in the Los Serranos region, in the interior of the province of Valencia.

This medieval town, surrounded by a natural environment of great beauty, has been a historical and cultural enclave of enormous importance throughout the centuries, and preserves evidence of some of the most outstanding moments in the history of our country, from prehistory to our days.

Very relevant paleontological remains have been recovered in the area at national and European level and our Paleontological Museum houses one of the most interesting dinosaur fossil collections in the Valencian Community.

Bocairent (Valencia)

Bocairent is an inland municipality with a valuable historical and natural heritage, near the Serra de Mariola, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire community and where aromatic and medicinal plants abound in all their richness and variety.

Bocairent is an inland town and its offer is based on rural tourism and the enhancement of its historical heritage, the fruit of its Roman past (from which the name Bocairent comes) and Muslim.

Guadalest (Alicante)

Guadalest is a town with Muslim roots that forms a valley between the Sierra de Xortà and Serrella, the Sierra de Aitana and the Sierra de Bernia, located in the interior of the province of Alicante, its most famous and beautiful places of interest are: Castell (or castle) de Guadalest, the town and the reservoir (or swamp).

Finestrat (Alicante)

The population, Finestrat, is guarded by an old castle and embraced by the Puig Campana, where it has in its streets and steep slopes as well as in its multicolored houses, a charm that will leave any visitor eclipsed.

In short, apart from escaping the stress of the city, enjoying with the family, being in safer places to avoid contracting coronavirus, you can visit places in the Valencian Community, many times unknown.