La Tomatina will celebrate 2021 years in 75 as 75 + 1 after canceling

The party, suspended in 2020 due to the health crisis, had only been stopped before once in its history due to political issues

The party, suspended in 2020 due to the health crisis, had only been stopped before once in its history due to political issues

La Tomatina de Buñol (Valencia), which was suspended in 2020 due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, will celebrate the 75th anniversary of this year in 2021 as 75 + 1 and "with the importance it deserves" an international act such as this, as indicated in a statement by the town council.

Thus, after confirming the cancellation of this celebration due to the current health situation, the consistory has indicated that it is already preparing the next edition of the Tomatina and the anniversary that was to take place this year as 75 + 1 and for the summer of 2021. This festivity takes place every year on the last Wednesday of August, as part of the Buñol festival program.

The mayor of the city, Juncal Carrascosa, stressed that this birthday "is extended to celebrate it with the importance it deserves", while the deputy mayor and Councilor for Tourism-Tomatina, María Vallés, has advanced that work is being done "on various initiatives to continue promoting the international festival ”and that“ continue in force and current despite the anomalous situation in which society is immersed ”.

"For this reason, the consistory is working on a communication line to continue showing a positive, cohesive and hopeful image of both La Tomatina and the management of the pandemic that the Buñol City Council is carrying out," said the councilor.

In this line, he stated that work is being done "so that La Tomatina 2021 is celebrated with complete normality because we have to look to the future at all times, with the certainty that all this will happen." "We have had to live a complex situation that had not occurred until now and we are facing it, with the spirit implicit in Tomatina herself, fighting peacefully to beat the virus," added Vallés.

In this sense, from the City Council they have stated that "such an outstanding anniversary" as the 75th anniversary "must be celebrated as a milestone of this importance requires and not be clouded by a negative situation." "Extending the 75th anniversary to 2021 is not a postponement but an extension, thus offering more content and more milestones that further enhance the Tomatina festival," said Vallés.


This is the second time in history that this international festival has been suspended, the Buñol City Council explained, specifying that it was also canceled in 1957 "for political reasons." He also stressed that this time, the celebration has been canceled "to preserve the health of all" those who participate in it, thus making "an exercise of responsibility" in the face of the health crisis caused by the Covid pandemic- 19.

"Nobody knows how difficult it would be to organize our most international party in these conditions, where the optimal conditions of sanitary control for the participants could not be guaranteed," said the mayor of Buñol.

Juncal Carrascosa has commented that the Councilor for Tourism-Tomatina raised with the local government the possibility of canceling the act and stressed that he found "unanimity" in the municipal executive to carry out this decision. Likewise, he has underlined the decision to reach a consensus and ratify the measure with the representatives of the other groups with representation in the local corporation and to formalize it in the municipal plenary session next Monday, April 27.

"Our most international party, La Tomatina, deserves that all parties act together thinking about the common good, the tourist attraction that implies, security and preserving the integrity of the party, and not to get political revenue," has declared the mayor, who has also made "an appeal to responsibility."

In this sense, Juncal Carrascosa has affirmed that "all the decisions that have been made during this Covid-19 crisis have always been made with the common good in mind and with the certainty that we will recover normality and Tomatina."


The Buñol City Council has made a “call to tranquility” because “this cancellation is a way of preserving the integrity of the image of this strong, unique, intercultural, uniting and fraternal party, with the aim of guaranteeing in the future”, both a “party according to the guidelines that have been established during the last decade”, and “the integrity of a unique party in the whole world”.