The Valencian Community, a perfect tourism choice even in winter

The Valencian Community is an ideal destination for any time of the year. Its good weather and attractive coastline make it one of the most visited places during the summer period. But there, winter has nothing to envy the summer. The Valencian Community has inland a great wealth of landscape and heritage, full of charming villages, castles, cave paintings and natural parks that receive the coldest time of the year with open doors for all those who want to discover the other side of this community.

Valencia, a dynamic and multifaceted province

The mild winter of Valencia invites you to make endless plans. Those who prefer to visit nature, can go to the Sierra de Mariola (Mariola’s mountain range), declared Natural Park in 2002 and within the provinces of Alicante and Valencia. This place, perfect for hiking trails, has a remarkable variety of plants, in which the yew stands out, as well as a great and rich fauna full of reptiles, birds and mammals.

Lovers of wine tourism can find their ideal destination in the region of La Plana de Utiel-Requena, where wineries abound. In Requena, the old medieval quarter of the town with narrow streets still preserves in the basement caves and wineries. This region is also characterized by its cuisine, which includes sausages, hearty dishes with pork-derived products, such as rice in a casserole (Arroz en cazuela); morteruelo (pork pate) and ajoarriero (fish with garlic and spices), among other things. Requena’s Harvest Festival or the Sausage Fair is a good time to visit the region and to enjoy the Wine Route.

Another one of the most interesting itineraries to take at this time of year is in the town of Carcaixent, located on the Ribera Alta. There you will find the Route of the Orange, which allows visiting the most emblematic plantations and the great variety of species that there are. This activity offers the opportunity to learn more about the history of the Orange and why Carcaixent is the birthplace of this fruit so popular in the Valencian Community. The interesting thing of doing it in winter is to see the trees full of fruit since it is just before harvest time.

Alicante, a province with a pleasant climate

Alicante has its time of maximum splendour during the summer, but this province adhered to the sun allows the winter to be a pleasant period filled with charming places to visit.

The Valleys of the Marina Alta hide real jewels. The Vall de Gallinera, the Vall d´Alcalà and the Vall d´Ebo, the last Moorish stronghold of Alicante, house white villages and villages with Moruno plots full of orchards, gardens and ditches. The spectacular gorge of hell is a good destination for lovers of canyoning and trekking and the cave of Rull, conditioned to be visited, is one of the best caves in the Valencian Community.

On the other hand, the province of Alicante has several charming towns which winter suits them perfectly. Alcoy is one of them. There you can visit its bridges, its architecture, a terrain that allows you to see snow, nature and history, and its beautiful old town. In addition, this town has a lively cultural life and its cuisine is one of the great references in the Community of Valencia.

Castellon, a province with three of the most beautiful towns in Spain

The province of Castellon hides beauty all year round. Vilafamés, Morella and Peñíscola carry the title of “One of the most beautiful towns of Spain”. All of them are in the north of the province, forming a triangle, and are an essential visit. The three towns have a castle that allows you to return for a moment to the past. In addition, its towns and villages have a great beauty, so walking through its streets in the winter makes this picture even more spectacular and charming.

Also, to the north of Castellon is the Tinença, a sub-region of the Ports formed by seven dreamy small towns. Its sparse population density makes this place a quiet spot where you can see the most spectacular scenery of the community. Also, you can visit Romanesque churches and the monastery of Santa Maria de Benifassà, which is surrounded by nature.


These are just some of the places that you can visit in the Valencian Community during the winter. Valencia, Alicante and Castellón are provinces that go beyond the sun and beaches. Its interior hides real gems with lots of history, lots of charm and a rich heritage. The Valencian Community is the perfect destination for those who want to travel and discover new places during the coldest time of the year.

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