Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Cremaet

The recipe for the cremaet, which is how the carajillo (coffee with either rum or brandy) is called in this area, is made with two grains of coffee, cinnamon, sugar, a piece of lemon zest, an espresso shot and lots of love. They are usually prepared in clay pots, which retain more heat and are more resistant to fire, in addition to providing a better presentation, but without the possibility of knowing if the three layers are correct. I'm sure you are thinking now, three layers? Three layers indeed. The liquor (at the bottom and clear), the coffee (middle layer) and the cream on top. It is also a perfect complement for after meals, dinners or at any table talk with family and / or friends. Its making is a tradition that must not be lost. It is a ritual in itself, from the steps, you follow to make it, to its enjoyment, which must be unhurried as to not get burnt and be able to appreciate its contrasts and flavors. By the way, there are so many variants as ways of cooking a paella (all Valencian and native, depending on the region), like the Cremaet with Thong (Cremaet with a thong) from Vila-Real.



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