Saturday, June 6, 2020

Some tips for driving in summer

The summer season is ideal to enjoy long car trips. Daylight hours are many and the road conditions are the safest of the year. However, some summer weather conditions, such as heat and sun, are risk factors whose danger can be minimized by observing some summer driving tips.

Among the summer tips related to the vehicle:

Summer tuning: It is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to go to a workshop that will check the car completely. It is essential to examine the effects of winter on the car, it is necessary to check the level of fluids and replace the elements that may have deteriorated, such as windshield wipers or wheels.

Air conditioning: In winter, it is very likely that you have not used the air conditioning or the climate control. Before the highest temperatures arrive, it is essential to put the air conditioning systems to work to check their condition.

Extra equipment: To the mandatory elements (spare wheel, vest and triangles) in summer, it can be useful to incorporate a pair of comfortable and light shoes. Canvas shoes are a good alternative and some summer clothes, preferably cotton.

Water is essential and some food such as snacks with salt to deal with a possible drop in blood pressure or heat strokes.

Trash bags or those used to collect dog droppings, toilet paper or kitchen towels, tissues and wipes are good resources to carry in the car at this time of year; it is proven that in the summer the dizziness and indispositions in the car are more frequent. An emergency cleaning kit will be very useful in case of the malaise of the driver or a passenger.

In terms of advice for driving in summer, related to the driver and passengers of the car, it is essential to:

Always follow the recommended resting and stopping times. The DGT (General Traffic Directorate) estimates that the stops must be of 20 minutes every two hours of driving or between one hundred fifty and two hundred kilometers traveled.

Hydrate continuously with water or juice. Drinks with alcohol are expressly prohibited whenever you are driving.

Avoid the central hours of the day to drive on the hottest days. Early mornings, mornings and sunsets are the perfect moments to travel by car in summer providing that the driver has rested properly.

Wear sunglasses to avoid sun glare or vision problems due to excessive sunlight.

Review the car insurance and learn about the coverage included in the policy; more so, if you are going to travel by car abroad, which is more common in summer.



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