October 9. St. Donis

October 9 is the day of the Valencian Community and festival of Sant Donís, or day of the Valencian lovers. In this festivity it is typical to give your girlfriend or lover what is
known as “Mocadorà”, pronounced in Valencian “Mocaorà”, a handkerchief that wraps marzipan sweets in the shape of fruits and vegetables from the Valencian garden. The shop windows of bakeries and bakeries in the city these days show these small and colorful works of art, in addition to the “piuleta” and the “tronador”, larger figures also of marzipan that represent firecrackers. If you are in the city and want to surprise your
partner, buy this sweet gift.
The tradition has its origin in October 9, 1238, when Jaime I conquered Valencia. In the middle of the XV century the celebration of the entrance in the city was popularized shooting “piuletes” and “tronadors”. Already in the eighteenth century, after the War of Succession, Philip V abolished the Fueros and the festival of Sant Donís, also banning firecrackers and rockets.

The guild of confectioners knew how to circumvent this prohibition by recreating the “piuleta” and the “tronador” in marzipan sweets. To them were added small fruits and
vegetables also made with almond paste and sugar, in reference to those that the inhabitants of the area gave to the wife of Jaime I thanks to the fertility of the Valencian orchard.
Since then the lovers give their partners a handkerchief with these sweets, thus celebrating Sant Donís, a Valentine’s Day with a Valencian flavor. In addition, on October 8 and 9
there are many acts prepared to commemorate the Day of the Valencian Community, such as the civic procession, folk dances, the entrance of Moors and Christians or the castle of
fireworks that will fire in the Gardens of the Turia.

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