During the first weekend of October, a very traditional festivity takes place in Sagunto, which is widely known as Moors and Christians. During the whole festivity, different activities are held in order to commemorate the battles for the conquest and defense of the city.

The most traditional festivity of Moors and Christians is mostly well known in Alcoy but nowadays it has been spreading to other cities which also want to commemorate the battles.

On Saturday, the “entrà” (entrance) takes places in which people disguised as Moors and Christians appear and they march with a troupe from Morería’s square to Blasco Ibáñez’s square, so it is a great opportunity to know more about how people of that time dressed and to listen to the different music of the time. Then, on Sunday, mostly known as the conquest day, all these troupes go to the castle and the Moors and Christians embassy recreate the speeches done by the different ambassadors followed by sword fighting and harquebus shots until the “Christians” get to conquest the city.

This recreation is certainly a good opportunity for everyone to know more about the story of the city and if you are near Sagunto and want to get more involved in the historical background of the city you cannot miss it.