The Gaiata 5, Hort dels Corders, presented yesterday this book for Magdalena 2017 at Moros d’Alqueria headquarters. This book has an innovation, so it is in valencian and english and wants to have a look at the festivity “beyond the boundaries”, as it said Sergio González. The book is written in valencian and english from its cover, created by Marisol Lujan, to the last page.

The Magdalena festivity was also declared to be of tourist interest in 2010. This fetsivities are known internationally, although it is a very ancient tradition and celebrates the establishment of Castelló as a city, in which different national and international entities also take part in it, resulting in the internationalization of the festivity. This was the main reason for Gaiata 5 to choose the internacionalization as the main goal during Magdalena. This needs some work and effort and this way, Magdalena will be know all over the world.
The Magdalena Festival is the main festivity of Castellón de la Plana, and it commemorates the origins of the city, recalling the move of the city from the Hill of Mary Magdalene to the fertile coastal plain in 1251.This is one of the main reasons for people to go to that hill again.

This festival lasts for 9 days, starting on the third Saturday. Moreover, it was declared an Event of International Tourist Interest in 2010.

All the members of the commitee attended to the even, and the number of young people that attended was also remarkable; this was also possible thanks to the collaborators, designers and translators that have helped us during the process. Furthermore, other entitities were also there, such as the “Germandat dels Cavallers de la Conquesta”.