Fallas 2019: Light, Colour and Tradition in the Streets of Valencia

Fallas is the most popular event in Valencia. The fallera week begins on March 15th with the Plantà (set up) and ends on March 19th with the Cremà (burning down) of all the fallas. For four days, the monuments are exposed in the streets and the falleros have celebrations such as the floral offering, parades and the award collection. In addition, from the first to the 19th of March, there is a daily appointment in the square of the Town Hall of València to enjoy the traditional mascletà (firework display) and, during the fallera week; it is possible to witness real fireworks shows.

Programming and dates

MARCH 15th,

This day is the Plantà of the Fallas monuments. After a year of hard work by the fallero artists, the assembly process takes place. The Central Fallera Board is responsible for regulating and coordinating this whole process and, on the same 15th in the morning; all children’s fallas must be placed first so that the jury can reward the best monuments.

That same day there will also be an appointment in the Town Hall Square at 14 for the mascletà. The Ninot Exhibition, opened since early February, will close at 17 and a half an hour later, it will be made the popular verdict and proclamation of which will be the ‘Ninot Indultat’ (a doll saved by the people every year from a Falla) from 2019. At 00h, a pyrotechnic show will fill the Town Hall Square with fire and color.

MARCH 16th,

On Saturday the 16th, all major fallas must be planted first thing in the morning. At 14h, the mascletà will take place again and from 16: 30h, the Town Hall Square will welcome the award ceremony for the children’s fallas in the different sections, as well as the children’s presentations, the Ninot parade, and the Falla’s pamphlets. At 00h, it will be the turn of the fireworks display, this time on the Paseo de l’Albereda.

MARCH 17th,

At 9 o’clock, the prizes obtained by the fallas will be given away in the different sections, as well as the awards for the streetlight’s contest, presentations, and the Falla’s pamphlet, while at 14 o’clock, the Town Hall Square will resonate with the mascletà.

At 3:30 pm one of the most special and emotional acts of las Fallas will begin, the flower offering to Our Lady of the Forsaken. From that hour until 1h, which will be when the Fallera Mayor Infantil and her court of Honour will walk along St. Vincent Street to reach the Virgin. Numerous fallas commissions, accompanied by bands of music, will go by to deposit their bouquet and thus build the mantle of the Mare de Déu. At 01h, it will also be the turn of the fireworks display, this time on the Paseo de l’Albereda.



MARCH 18th, 

At 10:30, there will be a tribute to the poet and author of the Valencian Community anthem lyrics Maximilià Thous, in his memorial, located at the junction of Sagunt, and Maximiliano Thous streets, with the collaboration of the Falla Fra Pere Vives – Bilbao – Maximilià Thous.  At 12 o’clock, the homage to Maestro Serrano will take place at his monument on the Avenida Del Regne de València and at 14 o’clock; it will be the time for another mascletà.

On this day, there will also be a floral offering to the Mare de Déu and this time it will be the Fallera Mayor of Valencia, accompanied by her court of Honour, the one in charge of closing this act. From 3:30 pm to 00:45 pm, many falleros and falleras will walk through some main streets of the city to deposit their bouquet.

At 1: 30h there will be the Great Nit of the Foc (the great night of fire), the firework display that marks the beginning of the last day of the Fallas and one of the most popular events of these days.

MARCH 19th,

The events of the last day of fallas will start at 11 am. The Falleras Mayores and their courts of Honour will make an offering of flowers on Sant Josep’s bridge and, just after the event; a mascletà sponsored by the Falla Doctor Olóriz will be fired.

At 12 o’clock will be the solemn Mass in honor of Sant Josep in the Holy See of València, officiated by the Archbishop of València Antonio Cañizares, and at 14 o’clock the last mascletà of the Fallas 2019 will be fired. In the afternoon, at 7 pm, there will be a Fire Parade along Colón Street, from Russafa Street to the Plaza de la Porta del Mar.

At 22h, the cremà of all children’s fallas will begin. At 22:30h, the cremà of the children’s falla that will have obtained the first prize of the special section and at 23h the cremà of the children’s falla in the Town Hall Square are scheduled to be burned. At 00h the cremà of all the fallas will start; at 00:30h the cremà of the one that will have obtained the first prize of the special section will be due; and finally, at 1h the last falla of the city will be burned, which will be the one from the City Hall.

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