'Escala a Castelló', the largest vintage nautical show in the Port of Castelló

The largest vintage nautical show is once again making a stopover in Castelló, after the great success of its first edition, with more than 75,000 people, with an economic return of two million euros and a hotel occupation of 70%, starts this afternoon until Monday .

The great event of Historic Ships will start with the opening of the sailor market, the different activities that make up 'Escala a Castelló 2019' and a large inaugural parade that will welcome the historic boats that participate in the event. This will have live musicians, stilts and circus animators with their show “Mariners of Agua Dulce (Landlubbers)”, various historical recreation groups with cavalry, infantry and vintage weapons, as well as several associations linked to the city of Castelló.

In addition, there will be another parade that will welcome the boats, 'Santa María Manuel', 'Santa Eulalia' and 'Galeón'.

Historical boats that moor at 'Escala a Castelló'

Scale to Castelló

Scale to Castelló

'Galleon Andalusia'

Replica of a 17th century Spanish galleon. Ships that starred the commercial and cultural routes that for more than three centuries (16th to 18th) united Spain with America and the Philippines through the so-called Indian fleets. It was the longest sea route in the history of navigation.

It was built in 2009-2010 by the Nao Victoria Foundation, under the design and direction of Ignacio Fernández Vial, in the shipyards of Punta Umbria (Huelva) and launched on 30 November 2010. Between the years 2010-2016, it has sailed more than 48,000 nautical miles through the great oceans and seas of the world calling in ports of the four continents of the planet, participating in many cultural projects.

It has crossed the Pacific and Indian Ocean, crossed the Atlantic and sailed the Mediterranean, Red, China, Aegean, Bosphorus and the Caribbean Sea. It has visited more than a hundred ports around the world, opening its decks to the public.

Scale to Castelló

Santa Maria Manuela

Scale to Castelló

The Santa María Manuela was built in 1937. May 10 of that year was a very special day in Lisbon. Hundreds of people gathered at the docks of Rocha do Conde de Óbidos in Alcântara to witness the launch of two ships that had just been built: the Santa Maria Manuela and the Creoula.

That day, the Companhia União factory (CUF) shipyards closed their doors to allow their employees to attend the ceremony. Everyone wanted to witness the launch of these twin ships that had been built only in 62 days and were destined for cod fisheries in Newfoundland and Greenland. This was a solemn occasion, attended by the head of State and several ministers, and represented a unique feat for the Portuguese naval industry.

Come to the festival of the sea

During the event, you will be able to enjoy numerous activities, including boat visits, nautical jousting, historical recreations, nautical exhibitions, workshops for the young ones and as a great novelty there will be static hot-air balloons, from which you will be able to enjoy the best views of the event. In addition to the second edition of the sailor's market, there will be musical performances and conferences every day. All of this will make the Port of Castellón and El Grao the best attraction for both residents and tourists who want to enjoy the great festival of the sea.

Scale to Castelló

Sailor's Market

In order to guarantee a new success in this second edition, the organization has planned the setting in the dock area of ​​an absolutely new and themed sailor's market, to confer its own character to this encounter of ships that, without doubt, will be consolidated in next editions. More than 80 stalls are expected to participate.

During the days when the market is open, you can enjoy numerous stages, parades and workshops with entertainers.

Scale to Castelló

Historical recreations

In order to get visitors to the past, it is also planned to install camps with period troops, cavalry and even cannons that will fire at the same time the ships arrive.

Scale to Castelló

Maritime jousts

The second edition of Escala a Castelló will host the impressive show of nautical jousting, by the Lance Sportive Sètoise. These are battles like the medieval ones, but instead of on horseback, they are carried out with boats of rowers on which two opponents are situated with shields and wooden spears.

These jousting were a medieval ritual from the south of France that confronted married and single men.


On Friday, we should highlight the conference: 'Why Sailing', by Alberto Luis Aguilar, senior sailing technician and nautical pleasure instructor at EN Alisios, in addition to the performance of traditional music, will happen at 20: 30 hours, by “Duna Ensemble” .

On Saturday many things can be highlighted, such as the great historical parade with the participation of all those linked to this event, at 18:00 hours, which will tour the entire port and finish in front of the camp, at 18:15 and there will be very special activities for the youngest in the children's corner like the craft workshop 'Build your own Seahorse'.

At the end of the great historical parade, all the participating troops will stand in front of the ships' area to pay homage to the fallen in the ship Santa Eulalia, which will continue with the launch of a laurel wreath to the sea, song and prayer to the fallen. Later, at 7:45 pm, an interactive contest will be held for the youngest in the children's corner and for the older ones at 8 pm, the infantry round will take place on the sailor's market.

Once is finished, you can enjoy a fight in the tascas, while the hidalgos dispute over tables, as well as a lowering of the flag at sunset on the Levante pier.

There will also be itinerant streets' animation: musicians and actors will present “Tribe of the Indies” Later, from 21 to 23 hours there will be a spectacular night water tournament 'Joutes de sète' in front of the Marina and so that the little ones in the house are also entertained, there will be a handicraft workshop in the children's corner “the Dancing Jellyfish”.

From 21.15 it is time to visit the canteens in the gastronomic area, the duel for honor in the area of ​​the tascas, the infantry and cavalry troop's parade, the “Pirates of light” approach the event to conquer it - traveling pass. To end a day full of activities, there will be a pyrotechnic show and a concert of the group 'Jarana' and the closing of the market.

On Sunday, the second and last sailing tournament 'Joutes de sète' against the Navy should be highlighted.

On the last day that you will be able to enjoy 'Escala a Casteló', it will continue to be fraught of activities, parades, talks, exhibitions and all kinds of events, which will end at 20:45 pm with the lowering if the flag at sunset on the Levante Pier.

All the 'Escala a Castelló' schedule and information can be found here.



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