During Easter, travel Valencia by bike

Valencia is a “Bike-friendly” city, ideal for pedalling, thanks to its size, flat terrain and historical centre where motor vehicles have limited speed of 30 kilometres per hour.

The city belongs to the Network of Cities by Bicycle, has more than 120 kilometres of bike lane and has the Old River Turia channel, a garden that crosses the urban centre and allows you to visit it by bike, without haste and enjoying a mild climate all year round.

Bike lane in Valencia


Valencia has a wide bike path that connects all the districts of the city. In addition, there are the cycle streets(roads intended for the preferred use of the bike whose maximum allowed speed to traffic in general is 30 km/h) and the gardens of Turia, where the bicycles circulate freely along its more than 8 km.

Download the map of the bike lane on this link.

Bike route through the city of Valencia


If you like touring on wheels, we suggest a special route so you don’t miss anything and you can get anywhere in the city on your bike.

Bike route through the metropolitan area


A good option is to get a closer look at the cultural and landscape heritage of the metropolitan area thanks to the combination of bike+metro. There are 18 routes designed by experts, depending on the level of difficulty and length. These will allow you to visit the Valencian Orchard, archaeological treasures or natural parks, among other tourist attractions.




Bike rental companies: there are a wide range of companies that rent bicycles for days  or hours in Valencia.

Information about bike rental companies. Online booking >> >

Valenbisi is the town’s bike rental service. There is an ideal weekly rental mode for long-stay visitors.

More Information>>>

WHERE TO BIKE: Bike lanes, cycle streets and Turia Gardens.

Remember that it is forbidden to travel on side walks and that it is only mandatory to wear helmets on inter-urban and urban journeys for children under 16 years of age.


In Valencia there are about 300 Valenbisi stations to return the bicycle. For private or rental bikes there are bike parks distributed throughout the city. Remember, it’s forbidden to lock your bike in street lights and trees.

Combination Bike + metro:

Bicycles can be transported on the subway without paying any additional fees, at any station on weekends (according to specific schedules) and for the rest of the days only at surface stations (located in the metropolitan area).

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