Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Council shows the touristic offer of Castellón to thousands of British people in the center of London

Martínez: “This initiative is included within the ambitious promotional campaign in which we invested 300,000 euros”

Today, the Castellón County Council has moved a part of the provincial beaches to the center of London. In a creative street marketing campaign promoted by the Provincial Tourist Board, the Provincial Government has filled with Mediterranean sand a stand located in London's Mall Victoria Palace, located in the center of London. This was to recreate the Castellon coast and show a small part of the many pleasures that this province offers to the thousands of people who visit it today.

Andres Martinez, the Vice President and deputy of tourism, offered a promotion that will allow “Castellón and its extensive tourism offer to be one of the main tourist source markets through the existing air connections between London and Castellon. This initiative is included within the ambitious promotional campaign in which we invested 300,000 to attract tourists from Britain “.

The head of Tourism claimed that “the weather is one of the main attractions of the province and a major lure to attract tourists that once they come searching for the sun, they will end up falling in love with our culture, gastronomy, history and people , ”

'Castellón: so close you can almost feel it'

Thus, within the tourism marketing plan promoted by the provincial administration to create an attractive and competitive image of the province and thereby increase the volume of English tourists, the Tourist Board has made today a great display in an important commercial area in the UK with the beach as the main attraction after doing a great job with the advertising on television, radio, press, city buses and social networks.

The Provincial Government, under the slogan 'Castellón: So close you can almost feel it', is discovering firsthand the qualities of the province as a destination with special emphasis on family tourism and youth. To increase the effect of the initiative, two plane tickets to Castellon will be raffled among the visitors who take an original picture of themselves in the stand and share it in their social networks with the campaign hashtag.

Promotion of 'Castellón, Land of Festivals'

Similarly, the international tourism promotion campaign that the Provincial Tourism is carrying out in the UK is also organizing a complementary communication campaign to increase the number of tourists attracted by the local festivals offer.

To strengthen this communication, Castellón County Council will invest more than 1.5 million euros in 2017 in order to promote tourism in Castellon, especially to strengthen the brand 'Castellón Land of Festivals' and the major musical events which are part of it and useful for the development of Castellón.

The Provincial Government has shown to developers across Europe its line of sponsorship of major festivals through a sponsorship agreement of 400,000 euros to offer new realities for the festivals already held in Castellón and promote the province.



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