Central Market

The Central Market has its origin in Arab trade and was consolidated in the year 1344. Soon it became an example throughout Europe and merchants from all over the continent were approaching to trade in the surrounding streets.

In 1882, the Valencia City Council opened a contest of projects to build a fully covered market since the rise of the bourgeois class and its need to demonstrate its wealth and well-being uncomfortable to Valencian society. Its construction was completed in 1914.

The metal structure building houses 959 posts with a total of 8.160 square meters built, counting the offices attached to the Market. An association of beams and iron meshes allow a coverage of domes of great amplitude, the plant rises 30 meters above ground level and the nave is 18 meters high. The forms, of much plastic and optical effect and abundant decoration of ceramics, iron and glass, characterize this monument, bright; at the same time modernist and sensitive to a progressive utilitarianism, and according to the same author, a late example, bright "and from the successful artistic point of view of the Valencian bourgeois modernist language."

However, it is a market adapted to the 700st century, despite being a clear stamp of traditional commerce allows online shopping and home delivery. A service that brings the client closer to an institution with more than XNUMX years of history.

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