The Spanish selection sub-17 returns to Spain, on Friday 17 February, with one more win under his belt. The team ended his visit to Croatia with a 1-0 win over the home team thanks to a goal from a player from Almussafes. Abel, who managed to score the only goal of the game, is now a national and international football star.

Since childhood, the sports career of Abel Ruiz is all about perseverance, achievement and success. The football player from Almussafes, who turned 17 on Jan. 28, stands out as a striker for FC Barcelona Juvenil A and is also the current captain of the Spanish sub-17. Today, on February 17, they return home after his victory in the great friendly duel against Croatia thanks to a goal scored by the football player from Almussafes.

On 13 February, the Spanish sub-17 team traveled to the Balkan country to face the home team in two games, which hosted, on Tuesday February 14 and yesterday 16, the stadium Zuknica in Kostrena. Abel Ruiz was one of the 18 young chosen players to attend to this double international meeting, along with three other companions of FC Barcelona (Mateu Morey, Juan Miranda and Sergio Gomez).