Told the legend that a farmer from the lands of Castellón, good man and worker, called Perot de Granyana, was one day working with his plough the land when passing under a “lledoner” (a tree known by these lands, but in the rest it is known as almez) the tip of the plough was hooked to a stone.

Although it was not very large, the animals could not move it until Perot unhooked the animals and, with their own hands, unearthed the gravel. His surprise was great when underneath he found a figure carved in alabaster that he immediately associated with the Mare de Deu. The representatives of the town and the clergy approached there, and in the place they made a church dedicated to the invocation of the Virgin with the name of “Mare de Deu de Lledo”.

Later it was designated as Patrona principal of the City and in the year 1983, John Paul II recognized it as Basilica. This basilica, is located among orange trees, in a privileged setting, which, at the time when it celebrates its festivity, (it is always the first Sunday of May), it is even more so because of the spring colors and the orange blossom aroma.

Inside we find a church that has a singular beauty and we can not do less than recommend your visit to any visitor, and, hope you like it.

Also on the website of the Basilica of Lledó you can find all the necessary information about it and also the history of it in a comic created masterfully by Juan Diego Ingelmo.

You can read the complete history in a comic here.