10 years lived Mediterraneanly with Estrella Damm

The beer brand has been presenting its summer campaign for a decade with a casual song on a stage that boosts tourism in the Mediterranean Sea.

The saga of advertising campaigns of 'Mediterraneamente' by the beer producer Estrella Damm is now 10 years old and is returning to its origins. Billie The Vision & Dancers return to the island of Formentera after filming in 2009 the announcement that turned the brand's spots into the summer exit shot.

In the announcement is Lars Lindquist himself, vocalist of the Swedish group Billie The Vision & The Dancers, who dares with the Spanish to remember that this 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the first 'Mediterraneanly'. Then he promises: "For another 10 summers more together" and begins to play the well-known anthem of the Mediterranean style of life "Summercat", a true mantra of Estrella Damm. Dancing him and holding a Damm Star in the front row we see Michelle Jenner, protagonist of the announcement that this year returns to Formentera.

It all started with an announcement of almost 4 minutes about a few days of summer on the island, the announcement was not only striking because of the story of a summer love, the tourist impact on the island and the creation of the tourist brand Mediterraneamente made it not Only the beer brand will be promoted, but also a fresh version of sun and beach tourism as well as making the Swedish group one of the summer songs in the country.

The next to consolidate the campaign were the group 'The Triangles' who with their song 'Applejack' represented the festivities of San Juan lived from the island of Menorca, where two strangers again star in moments of "feeling" surrounded by friends and, how no, of the “star” product of the brand. In the 2011 edition El Bulli was launched to share the prominence of beer with the pots of Ferran Adrià. On this occasion a story about summer friendship and love was marked to the rhythm of I wish that I could see you are.

Tramuntana became the stage of the fourth installment of the saga in 2012, accompanied by the song You can't say no forever from the Swedish group Lacrosse. In the brand I wanted to show that any place is good for the protagonist to meet his people and that "someone special". In 2013 it was the Spanish group Love of Lesbian. An encounter with old friends who meet to make a paella (although the way of doing it is not a reference among kitchen lovers). This time the stage went to the background and focused on the reunion with friends.

Estrella Damm does not forget in 2014 that music festivals are also a more important part of summer. In the experience of the festivals, groups of friends strengthen ties between them and with the different art forms. In 2015 a short directed by Alejandro Amenábar. Under the title of "Vale", it tells the story of a group of friends who spend the summer in a house in Ibiza. Thus, one more year the music, the paradisiacal beaches and the praise of friendship are present in the brand's summer campaign.

After the success of the film format of the previous installment, Estrella Damm decides to repeat in 2016 with a piece where the French actor Jean Reno is forced to live four days enjoying the small things offered by the Balearic Islands. Last year Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones) starred in the beer company's announcement with the story of a private detective who influences a young man who after leaving everything to go to Amsterdam realizes everything he misses .

This year will be a tribute and a retrospective, the best way to celebrate 10 years of enjoying the summer 'Mediterranean'.

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