Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Xàbia Active

With Xàbia Activa you can enjoy a lot of adventure sports. It is the first active tourism company that was created in the town ...

Valencia already has a monument in memory of those who died of coronavirus

A sculpture that pays tribute to the victims of the coronavirus has appeared overnight in a Valencian hamlet. The work, which has been created and installed by a young man from the neighborhood without prior notice or license, will not be withdrawn after the great reception it has had among the neighbors.

Peñíscola, a movie experience

Peñíscola, the spectacular fortress city with a Mediterranean aroma, is the cradle of great works of the large and small screen - such as El Cid, Calabuch or Game of Thrones - that have contributed to seasonally adjust the tourism of the city-set.

The spectacular Serra Gelada, a unique place in the Valencian Community

The Sierra Frost (in Valencia Serra Gelada) is the only place of the Valencian Community baptized as maritime-land. In fact, almost 90% of ...

During Holy Week he travels Valencia by Bike

Valencia is a "Bike-friendly" city, ideal for cycling, thanks to its size, flat terrain and historic center where motor vehicles have limited speed at 30 kilometers per hour.

Peñíscola, a set of history and dreams 'for all audiences'

The cinematographic routes, the gastronomy, the traces of history and a wide tourist offer make up a small part of the attractions of this emblematic town of the Castellón coast that is among the most beautiful villages in Spain


This is the video to attract visitors that Turespaña has made

It encourages tourists to plan their vacations to our country.

Lufthansa and Swiss resume direct flights from Valencia to Germany and Switzerland in June

The companies plan to continue expanding their services during the summer months.

València Turisme redirects its actions to mitigate the economic impact of the crisis

València Turisme has begun to reorient its collaboration with municipalities, companies and entities to mitigate the economic impact derived from the current ...

There is already a date for the Fallas de València

Until then, the monuments can be kept at Feria València to facilitate the normal life of the workshops that also prepare bonfires.

Fallas and Cupcake postponed by the coronavirus

The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, explained that they will be held "when the health situation allows."

'Escala a Castelló' returns with seven spectacular historic sailboats

From April 16 to 20 the Grau de Castelló will host for the third year its great Fiesta del Mar, with the novelties of two ships from the Netherlands and one French.

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What is the most beautiful village of l'Horta Nord?

L'Horta Nord invites you to walk the multitude of paths and paths in the garden, to enjoy its beaches and marinas, discover its natural spaces or visit its interesting museums and monuments.

Culture and traditions

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With children

Peñíscola a paradise to enjoy with the family

The main concern of couples with children is to find a place to do family tourism, and to enjoy all together, Peñíscola is ...

Which are the best rated escape rooms in Valencia?

Escape games, better known as escape rooms, are all the rage. Although things "geeks" are increasingly accepted reaching the point even ...

Gulliver Park

Original, fun and innovative. This is the Gulliver Park in Valencia, one of the great attractions of the city. Located in the mythical Garden ...

Burriana changes this weekend the ninots for Playmobils

The usual schedule of visits to the mornings is extended this weekend, and exhibitors from different points of the Spanish geography attend: Catalonia, Madrid and Andalusia.

A neighbor of the Medieval Castelló, a chaplain and a swinger Don Juan, guides of the theatrical route

From the Tourist Office of Castelló, located in the Casa Abadia, in the Plaza Mayor, and with prior reservation, these pleasant cultural and recreational visits are made through the city center, about 90 minutes long.

Castellón invites the return to the Middle Ages with more than a hundred acts in three days of the Fair

From the 5th to the 8th of December, the capital of La Plana will host a Medieval Fair with 80 exhibitors and live demonstrations of traditional crafts of the time.

6 curiosities of the neighborhoods of Valencia that you should tell your children

Children have taken the streets of València. They still can't get their lives back from parks, soccer games, swings and friends ...