miércoles, junio 3, 2020

XIX Gastronomic and Artisanal Fair of Tárbena

The XIX Gastronomic and Artisanal Fair of Tárbena everything a luxury for the senses. The best option to enjoy the weekend, to know its typical gastronomy, its traditional wines and its beer.

A new edition of the Gastronomic and Artisanal Fair of Tárbena will be held from 15th to 16th of July with a program of activities of the most varied. A few days so that young and old can enjoy, in this beautiful locality of the interior of the ‘Marina Baixa’.

Declared a tourist-local interest for two days, Tárbena is full of hustle and bustle and its typical gastronomy, its traditional wines and the authentic tarbenera and ecological beer. All accompanied, of events scheduled as parades, workshops, games and musical performances.

On Saturday, July 15 at 10:00 am, the Fair is officially inaugurated with a parade run by the ‘dolçaina i tabalet’. Also at that same time the farm opens in the Saint Raphael street for the enjoyment of the little ones with a workshop to milk.

From 10 am to 1 pm there will be an esparto workshop and another workshop made with clay. Highlight at 13.00 the performance of the group of Valencian folk ‘Soca en Arrel’ and at 21.00 a dinner of ‘sobaquillo’ to end the day with the music of Soulomonics.

On Sunday, the activities will also start at 10 am. In this day will be possible to enjoy workshops of brewing, modeling with leather, as well as familiar games in Saint Bárbara street. Definitely a very attractive option to enjoy a weekend in the middle of nature and with gastronomic products not to be missed.