Visit the Cave of the ‘Rull’

The Cave of the ‘Rull’ is located in the municipality of La Vall d’Ebo, in the province of Alicante. It has important geological values.

The cavity is developed in calcareous conglomerates of Miocene age (between 23.5 and 5.3 million years old) and is located in the geological unit of ‘Prebétic’.
It presents abundant speleothems with varied origins and morphologies such as stalagmites, stalactites, castings, flags, etc.

The cave was discovered by José Vicente Mengual, known by Tío Rull, in 1919 when he went hunting rabbits. In the 60’s the cave was conditioned to be visited and remained open to tourism until 1970. Later it was owned by its heirs and in 1995 it was sold to the Public Administration and opened again to tourism, after adapting its facilities in accordance with the current regulations on security and tourist services.

The Cave is located in the ‘Vall d’Ebo’ within it are other caves and chasms of interest, such as Avenc Ample, Avenc d’Enmig, Avenc Estret, Cova Fosca, which contains prehistoric engravings and ‘Les Turrudanes’, shelter with cave paintings.
Other nearby places worth mentioning are the Hell Ravine, ‘Els Tolls’, a place on the Ebo River with natural pools, the ‘Gili, Monjo and of the Serra’ sources and the Ethnological Museum, located in the town.

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