Villages you must visit if you are in the Valencian Country

If you are in the Valencian Country and you do not know what else to visit here you have a list of some villages which are interesting, so you will not feel disappointed if you decide to spend your time on visiting these spectacular places.



Morella is a village characterized for its similarity to a medieval village, with its castle and wall which defended the village years and years ago.

This village has a lot of interesting places that those who like being lost in a village would love, such as the lovely streets, the Santa Lucia’s aqueduct and the Santa Maria’s Church which are a must-see if you go to Morella.



Bocairent is a charming village which is located at the top of a mountain, so people who go there need to know that it is a good way to exercise while visiting the village and its historical background.

If you go to the old town, you will be able to enjoy the Muslim heritage still present in the village and very interesting for those who want to know more about Boicairent and its origins.



Peñíscola is a good place to visit if you like the beach and medieval-like villages with a castle in it. This castle has been filmed a lot in Spain and it has been one scenario of the well-known series called “Game of Thrones” which made the village much more popular.

The village also has interesting places to visit, such as for example the “portal Fosc” which was built by Juan de Herrera and which was the main entrance until XVIII, still preserved today.



Guadalest is a village built in the mountain and very interesting to visit if you like enjoying a spectacular landscape in the mountain.

In the village you can visit different interesting places, such as the castle’s towers, the Orduña’s house, the church and a museum in which you will be able to get to know more about Guadalest and its history.



Villajoyosa is not a village built in a mountain but a village characterized by its beaches and its past as a fishing village.

This village is also interesting for those people who like chocolate, so people can go to the Valor Museum and enjoy of a very well-known chocolate in Spain.

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