Inicio Cultura y tradiciones Vilafamés, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain

Vilafamés, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain

Vilafamés is a town in the interior of the province of Castellón. It is 25 km from the capital.

As you get to Vilafamés, you can see the town up there on a hill.
Vilafamés stands out for its old town. Strolling through its streets quietly, transports us to its Arab origins with narrow and zigzagging streets, with corners that make one marvel, with its castle on top and the small church at its feet.
With the Christian extension, Vilafamés begins to grow building its impressive parish church and its palace of the fifteenth century. Here the streets are linear.
His impressive “ROCA GROSSA” is very striking. A stone mass found as you climb the main street of Vilafamés.
What is most surprising, with no doubt, is that in all the old town of Vilafamés, its rock stone predominates in all the constructions.
The historical set of Vilafamés is declared an Asset of Cultural Interest on April 22, 2005.
Its landscape is typical Mediterranean. The main physical accidents are Mount Mollet (important reserve of flora and fauna) and El Morral. The municipal term is crossed by the Rambla de la Viuda and is located 390 meters above sea level.
You can make a tour of the old town from the ‘Plaza de la Fuente’, takes you up to the Rock Grossa, from there and the cobbled Cervantes Street and Church Street, you come to this. From there to the ‘Plaza de la Sangre’ to admire the church of the same name, located opposite the old ‘Casa de la Vila’, of medieval origin. From this same square you can access the ‘Quartijo’ where the oldest buildings of the town are located and by the staircase you will go up to the Castle of Arab origin. Descending through the streets Pilar and Diputación we can see beautiful facades until you reach the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Batlle Palace. The Town Hall, in an old manor house, is within walking distance.

Among its gastronomy highlights its varied sweet almond pastries among them the ‘pastissos de boniato’ and the ‘cristines’.


‘Pastissos de Boniato’

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