miércoles, junio 3, 2020


In the year 1997 an initiative was born in Vila-real, which time has placed in a preferential place, within the culture that this town breathes. It was the local association “Planta Baixa” which used the ax to break the ice, and not in vain, because the short film at that time could only reach the viewer through some payment channel and untimely schedule.

 After some hard beginnings, inherent to the practice of an almost unknown activity, the shorts were pushing a tight local and cultural agenda and made a hole in the calendar with a fixed date: it will be every November when the town remains expectant before the big screen.
After the passage of “Planta Baixa” cementing the beginning of the festival, is another municipal association, “Seat 13”, which takes the reins of the event. Year after year the festival grows in followers and new sections are established: documentary, animation, provincial shorts and the necessary separation between film and video. Parallel activities are created, which the same public demanded, such as lectures, concerts, exhibitions, etc., and work begins with the institutes, in the already consolidated activity of the “Cinexpress”, which provides high school students with the possibility to create and shoot their own short films.
The cinematographic appointment is consolidated upon reaching its ten years of life; being more active than ever and receiving an average of 5 to 10 local jobs per year.
After the direction of the vilarrealenses Óscar Parra, Fili and Sergio Caballero, the festival makes a great leap forward and becomes professional; creating a board of directors and a representative figure known as “the Guilty”. Carmen Ruíz or Leonor Watling have been Guilty 2010 and 2011 respectively. The contest becomes officially international and the number of received works increases, happening in all the editions of 400 short films to contest.
Edition after edition, it is verified how a need to watch shorts has been created, since a large part of the local cast participates in them; but not only professional actors, but also other amateurs or not initiated in the world of interpretation. An audiovisual culture is acquired and the event boasts about 500 spectators per session, which, translated into the entire film week, allows us to calculate the number of more than 2,500 visitors.
Another of the claims present in the festival are the personalities with which it counts in its editions, who visit the city either as participants or as guests at the award ceremony. For the festival have been personalities from the world of culture, actors and performers like Alex de la Iglesia, Gonzaló Miró, Kira Miró, Jesus Ordovás, Josep Lobató or Sergio Caballero among others.
It takes place from 20th to 24th of November in Vila-real.