viernes, junio 5, 2020

Valencian Country, a tourism website, is presented to the Valencian society

A ceremony was held at Ateneo Mercantil in Valencia on Wednesday 5th of October, where they unveiled this new medium.

The first to speak was Calaforra Santiago, who said that the website “want to transfer our roots, our lifestyle, our industry and our leisure services to all those people who still hesitate when it comes to choose our country as a holiday destination and our companies as the greatest investors for a stronger economy. “

Then, it was Alba García turn to speak, the editorial director of, who did her speech entirely in English and said that: “This medium is a great help for those foreigners willing to visit Spain and more specifically our territory, because writing in English, their native language, makes this task a lot easier because they are able to understand and therefore we break with one of the major cultural barriers: the language.”

After her speech, there was a promotional video about the website and then Gemma Lozano, the tourism advisor of the website during its creation, said that “we intend to promote the “image of Valencia” with those colors, flavors, sports, sounds, chords, voices, creativity and footprint which are so typical here, that give shape to us, with the aim of reaching all those people who decide to visit us or even choose to live with us. “

Finally, Rubén Soto, manager of the communications group to which the website belongs to, ended the presentation. He emphasized the importance of “selling our land to foreign tourists, telling them that we are not only sun and beach, but we also have cultural richness in inland villages of the Valencian community. “

The event was attended by numerous personalities from the world of politics, Valencian Parliament, provincial and regional councils, as well as representatives of entrepreneurial society.