Valencia Basket is the new champion of the Endesa League

The ‘taronja’ confirmed the surprise with an awesome match in the Fonteta

The Valencia Basket today fulfilled the dream of its life and proclaimed champion of the ACB League by defeating Real Madrid in the fourth match of the final, in which they overwhelmed the Madrid team in the second quarter and was mature enough to resist the long siege of their rival that forced them to suffer to become a great of Spanish basketball.
Despite the historic opportunity ahead, Valencia started the shock with relative calm. And that Real Madrid played a solvent staged with their initial five reinforced with the presence of Reyes and Taylor.
But the presence of St. Emeterio, Sikma’s work, Dubljevic’s assists and Sastre’s points enabled him to take the first rent (17-14, m.8).

But the Madrid did not break down, Gustavo Ayón’s physical deployment allowed him to withstand the pull of the locals but when the Mexican and Reyes, the battle for the rebound ended unevenness of the Valencian side and the triples of Will Thomas and Rafa Martinez ignited The Fonteta (39-23, m.15).
Pablo Laso tried to rebuild his team with a triple change to recover a good part of their headlines but Real Madrid was absolutely mad. Erratic in the shot, disappeared in the offensive rebound and unable to stop the transitions of a Valencia that untied Guillém Vives until throwing him to the twenty advantage points (43-23, m.17).

Llull tried to put his team on the strength of a claw but, more concerned about protesting some colleges that let them do it, Real Madrid lost precious minutes for their comeback and could barely cut three points (48-31, m.20).
Five consecutive points of Joan Sastre, a mate and a triple, opened the third quarter and defused the presumed departure of Madrid, who tried to harden his defense but, lacking in custom, it cost them to do without fouls, which returned to face them with the referees.
When they tried to change the rhythm of the premises with a zone defense, a triple of Diot and a pair of free throws of Rafa Martínez and San Emeterio allowed to Valencia to let run the time. But they got nervous when they could not read the defense and see Llull accelerate to narrow the advantage of the locals who were obsessed with pulling three (67-56, m.30).

The tenacity of the set of Madrid had its prize and although Sikma began to unravel the visitor area, the minor reduced the barrier of ten points and Madrid entered the final leg with their options almost intact.
But Valencia did not collapse. A triple of Romain Sato and the rebounds of Sikma and Dubljevic gave life to the premises and a palmeo of the African one made madden to the Fonteta.
The Madrid did not stop looking for it but the locals did not lose the calm until in the end a mate of Tailor closed the end and put a beautiful rubric to an historical day. 

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