jueves, junio 4, 2020

The transfer of “La Virgen de los Desamparados”

Since her coronation in 1923, our patroness has been a faithful companion of all Valencians throughout history since her devotion was known. And is that the origin of the current devotion by the Patroness of Valencia was due to the sermon on February 24th , 1409 in the Cathedral of Valencia by Fray Juan Gilabert Jofré, and that happened to be a coetaneous and friend of San Vicente Ferrer . As he went to the Cathedral, he saw some boys mocking a madman. In his sermon, the Father called parishioners to take action on behalf of the poor abandoned sick person. His request was heard by Lorenzo Salmon, a merchant who immediately started the project that led to the construction of the Hospital dels innocens, Follcs and Orats “. The proposal of Fray Joan Gilabert Jofrè, a center where to give them lodging and medical care, was successful: the first asylum or psychiatric hospital of the world opened its doors in Valencia the 1st of June of 1410. 

In the year 1414 four young men, dressed as pilgrims, arrived at the brotherhood. When they were received by the brother who lived in the house, whose wife was paralyzed and blind, they told him that in two days they could make an image of the Virgin if they were given a place to do it and food. They were taken to the place known as La Ermita. After four days and no noise was heard, they forced the door and found the image of the Virgin Mary. The strange pilgrims had disappeared; shortly thereafter the wife of a member of the brotherhood, blind and paralyzed healed. The event gave rise to the legend that “la feren els àngels” (made by angels).

As a curiosity, it is possible to say that La Virgen de los Desamparados is the only virgin that has its own vehicle, manufactured exclusively for the Geperudeta. The registration of the “mare mòbil”, V-0075-GP, remembers the 75 anniversary of its coronation and the initials GP its familiar name (Geperudeta).