Things to do in Valencia

If you are visiting Valencia here you have some things to do and some places to visit during your stay.

Bioparc Valencia

Occupying a large area, the Bioparc focuses on animals from Equatorial Africa, the Savanna and Madagascar. Each species is housed in enormous pens which results in animals which seem at peace and comfortable in their own habitats. If you like animals it is a good place for you.


Explore the lush wetlands of the Iberian Peninsula as you enjoy a boat cruise through El Palmar, spot local wildlife and visit a bird observatory. Finally, get a taste of rural life as you pass the vast rice plantations, admire traditional Valencian ‘barraca’ houses and stop by a local fish market.

Central Market

It is one of the largest indoor food markets in Europe and a good place to buy fruit, cheese, meats and fish. If you like visiting traditional places in the city this is one of the most famous ones.

Fallas Museum

A very interesting museum with some wonderful figures representing all sorts of people made of papier maché, polystyrene and fibre glass which have escaped being burnt at the annual Fallas Festival in Valencia.

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