viernes, junio 5, 2020

The festivity of ‘Les Alfàbegues’ of Bétera

From immemorial time in Bétera there is the miracle of life in the form of basil. Every year, with the rebirth of life after winter, in Bétera are planted the basil that are destined to become the largest and most splendid of the world, reaching a height of 2.5 meters, to then be offered the day August 15 to the Virgin and ask for protection and well-being for their people. 

Adorned carefully with reeds covered with ribbons and crowned with paper flowers, the basils are transported through the streets of the locality. The rhythm of ‘dolçaina i tabal’, and a persistent rain of confetti, complete a parade of high sensory value.

On the 15th is the Virgin offering, around 9:30, the tabal and the dolçaina open the entourage where “les alfàbegues” of the first worker in ascending order, followed by this, accompanied by the ‘sombrillero’ (family, boyfriend, or friend), who covers the sun with an umbrella, his family’s most direct barons, half of the municipal corporation and the eighth floor: the largest. Then the band and young people dancing, who give way to the entourage of the second worker (they are dressed as ‘fallera’). The mayoralists and the ‘sombrerillero’, dressed in ‘labrador’, are wearing a brightly colored printed shirt and a handkerchief. Every few steps, the worker will perform the “rodaeta i el peuet”: take the umbrella of the hand, execute a complete circle, which ends with a movement that leaves the foot and shoe in the air. Meanwhile, the majors are throwing confetti to the public between cries of mock against the established power and the order.

The endless journey ends under the bridge of Bétera, where the rain of water is welcomed, and for the entourage, in the parish of La Purísima, where the married women, dressed in clavariesas with ornamental curved comb and mantilla, receive the unmarried women and place them white mantilla before entering together to the temple, in the altar of which they look the basil. At the end of the mass, the single female workers invite the mayoral and counciliors to eat. In addition to the procession, during the festivities the Festival of Music Bands, the “Nit d’Albaes”, the “Nit de Rock”, etc. are celebrated.