viernes, febrero 28, 2020

The Festivities of ‘La Misericordia’ of Borriana

The Festivities of ‘La Misericordia’ stand out for the festivities organized by the local groups that revolve around verbenas, spectacles and ‘charangas’ that fill the streets of the locality.

An end of multicolored festivities: The last Sunday of the festivity, at 06:30 in the afternoon, begins the Battle of Flowers. Hundreds of people crowded the streets through which the cavalcade runs to enjoy a lively spectacle of great visibility, elegance and fun. This festivity consists of a parade of floats, made by the members of the falleras’ commissions, from which begins a hilarious battle of confetti involving children, youth and adults in order to share a pleasant afternoon together. Finally a fantastic fireworks display will conclude the celebration with a multicolored festivity weekend.

The Patron Saint’s Day in honor of the Virgin of ‘Misericordia’ are festivities of deep tradition and popular acceptance, which for 10 days change the physiognomy of the city turning the center of the population and its old town into an impromptu bullring. To this, many neighbors and visitors are approaching to enjoy the bullfighting shows, such as the traditional “bou al carrer” and the “bou embolat”.

The festivities of this year take place from september 1 to september 10.