domingo, mayo 31, 2020

The cava Arts de Luna is awarded with Ferevin

During 25th until 28th of August a Wine Fair in Requena is held and it has the aim of commercializing the different wines that exist in Valencia and how have they evolved during all these years. Before the fair actually tooks place, the 2nd Wine contest has already been held and a cava called Arts de Luna has been awarded with Ferevin.

These awards are given to those wines which are of high quality, so winning this award is something very remarkable for people in the industry which increases their wine reputation as well. Moreover, all the wine cellars that participated in the contest will allow the public to taste their wines in the Wine Fair in Requena and have their own opinions about the awarded wines and the other wines as well.

The cava Arts de Luna is a wine that is well known for its yellowish colour with its dense froth and thin bubbles which are also very characteristic of it. If you like wine and you have the opportunity to visit Requena or you are already there it is a good place to visit and taste some of the best wines of the Valencian Country.