sábado, mayo 30, 2020

The Carnival of Vinaròs 2018

There is no exact data of the beginning of the Carnival festivity in the city of Vinaròs The oldest document that is kept in the Municipal Archive corresponds to the realization of a masked dance that was held in 1871, in which they were collected fifty reales that Mr. Nicolás Bas Rodríguez presented to the Mayor President of the City Council, Mr. Demetrio Ayguals de Izco, for charity.

Later and in times of the second Spanish republic, there are already indications of the spontaneous celebration of the Carnival, going from 1939 to being a banned festivity, being many neighbours who disguised, counting a bit of wide-sleeved by the authorities of the moment, which made that initiative carried out by some neighbours continue.

Arriving until new days and with the arrival of the democracy, the celebration of the Carnival began to resurge with greater force, being for the year 1983 when the first ‘comparsas’ and free ones begin to parade through the streets of Vinaròs until arriving at the present time, where 33 are the ‘comparsas’ that parade accompanied by a large group of free ones.

Currently in Vinaròs, the carnival is celebrated 40 days before the start of Lent. Twelve days before Ash Wednesday, the different acts of Carnival begin, which will last 11 days. There are many multitudinous acts, such as the imposition of bows on the banners of the comparsas, the proclamation of the queens, two great parades that are celebrated in the last weekend, different acts of sports, cultural, gastronomic, etc. All this will fill an ample program of celebrations, elaborated and organized by the Organizing Committee of the Carnival (C.O.C) and counting on the sponsorship and collaboration of the Magnificent City council of Vinaròs.

The Carnival of Vinaròs 2018 will take place from January 27 to February 12.