The best parks and gardens in Valencia

Valencia is a city that has a lot of beautiful parks and gardens because of its pleasant temperatures, but maybe not all of them are familiar to everyone. If you ever go to Valencia or if you already live there but want to go to interesting places you have a list about the 10 most beautiful parks and gardens in Valencia.

The Botanic Garden


The Botanic Garden is located near the Torres de Quart and it is part of the University of Valencia, which makes the study of different vegetation much more easy. This garden is characterized for the varied vegetation that people can find from different continents which make it much more interesting and unique.

During the whole year, different activities are held for everyone who wants to discover more about this world and the different vegetation we are surrounded with.

The garden is open from Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm or 9pm depending if it is summer of another season.

Hesperides’ Garden


This garden is located near the Botanic Garden and it makes reference to the Greek mythology. The different statues and vegetation is what makes this garden unique and narrates greek mythology, which also serves to show the different Valencian vegetation.
Admission to this garden is free and it is accessible for everyone, so if you want to get lost within the magnificent greek mythology you must visit this place. The garden opens every day from 10am to 8pm during Spring and Summer and from 10am to 6pm during Autumn and Winter.

Orriols’ Park

This park is located next to Levante’s football pitch and it is highly characterized for the sports facilities that could be found inside to practice sports, such as swimming, football, basketball, tennis and so on. Inside the park there also are different trees and vegetation like banana trees, Japanese cherry trees, cypresses, and Japanese Acacias.

In conclusion, this park is a great choice if you want to discover different kinds of vegetation and you want to exercise at the same time or even for tourism purposes like visiting Levante’s football pitch.

The park opens during Spring and Summer from 9am to 10pm and during Autumn and winter from 9am to 7pm.

Polifilo Garden

This garden is located in Beniferri and it is a perfect place for observing vegetation and at the same time discover about The Dream of Pholiphilus, a romance story. For this reason, the entire garden is characterized by a romantic atmosphere and is divided into three squares, one with an island in it.
It is a good place to visit if you want something different and romantic in the same place and it is strongly recommended to visit it at least once.

Royal Gardens (or Viveros Garden)

This garden is located near the Museum of Natural Sciences and it is the most emblematic garden in Valencia because of its history and cultural value. People can easily enjoy the charming areas of the garden while walking, such as the ancient palace and beautiful green areas.
This garden also holds some concerts and fairs during the year, which makes the garden much more crowded but interesting as well.
The garden opens from November to march from 7.30am to 8.30 pm and from April to October from 7.30am to 9.30pm.

Monforte Gardens


This garden is located near the Royal Gardens and it is influenced by French neoclassical and Mediterranean elements. There are several sculptures and ponds in the garden and in one side of it we can found benches covered with a flower arch which makes the experience of walking through the garden much more intense and interesting.
The garden opens during Spring and Summer from 10.30am to 8pm and during Autumn and Winter from 10.20am to 6pm.

Rambleta Park


This park is located in the south of Valencia, between the Cemetery and San Marcelino’s neighborhood and it is a great place to enjoy nature inside the city. Several agricultural habitats are recreated in this park with the aim of making us feel as if we were really there. Moreover, this park has an area for kids for those people who are willing to go there with all the family.
This park opens every day from 10am until sunset.

Ayora Garden

image018This garden is located next to the metro and it is a good choice for anybody who wants to see a garden of the 19th century. This garden is perfect for a walk and is divided into 4 remarkable areas, such as the building known as “palacete”, a modernist palace, the old garden, a newly built area and finally the new area which is near the metro.
As we can see, this garden has undergone several restorations and new areas have been recently built but even despite all these restorations, the garden still preserves elements of the 19th century.
This garden opens during Spring and Summer from 9am to 9pm and during Autumn and Winter from 9am to 6pm.


Turia Gardens


This park/garden is one of the biggest in Valencia and it is called like this because of the river that was there years and years ago. Today, this park has a lot of areas for kids, for cyclists and even for runners and it is one of the best well-known parks of the entire city.

This garden is also surrounded with famous buildings like The Music Hall, The City of Arts and Sciences and the Gulliver Park. Furthermore, during the whole year, several activities, concerts and fairs are held there, so many people go there every day.
The Gulliver’s Park opening hours are from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm and from 10am to 2pm /5pm to 9pm in July and August.

Cabecera Park


This park is located at one side of Turia Gardens and recreated the river that is no longer there, so there is much more water in it. Also, there are some interesting facilities in the park, such as the renting of boats and playgrounds for kids which create a perfect place for everyone who enjoy nature and want to rest from the frenetic movement of the city.

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