The best beaches around Valencia

Valencia is a remarkable place for its beaches which are always a great way to relax and to make people enjoy the beautiful landscapes that the Valencian Country has. In summer, it is not strange to see many people in the beach enjoying the high temperatures and the sun, so here is a list about the best five beaches that we should visit if we are around Valencia and want to enjoy of the summer or simply appreciate our surroundings.

Malvarrosa beach


Malvarrosa is the closest beach to Valencia and reachable either by bus or by tram, which increases the number of people who go there in summer and at the same time, is considered one of the most famous beaches in Valencia. The esplanade next to the beach and the different cafeterias and restaurants also favour the increase of tourism and turn the beach into a tourist attraction in summer. Moreover, because of the increasing popularity of the beach, different activities are now held in there, such as an air festival which increases even more the number of people who go there.
Malvarrosa also has a lot of services which may be useful for both tourists and local people, like the toilets, health centres, lifeguards and accesses for disabled.

El Saler beach

El Saler is located to the South of the city and it is only reachable by road (V-30 and CV-500), so people can go there both by car or by bus.
This beach is remarkable for its wild surroundings and the presence of dunes and pine forests which make this beach even more interesting and beautiful. This may be one of the reasons for people to choose this beach as one of their favorites today, so its proximity to La Albufera Natural Park is also one of the strong points that this beach has. Furthermore, the security and presence of lifeguards, toilets and accesses for disabled also make it a good destination for all kind of people who want to relax and have a good time.

Port Saplaya beach

image006Port Saplaya is a well-known harbour which is divided into two beaches, located in a residential area in Alboraya and for this reason people can easily go shopping before or after going to the beach, which may be of interest for some people. It is easy reachable either by car or by bus from Alboraya which makes it easier for people to get there. During summer, people also have the opportunity to enjoy some of the different activities or facilities, such as the free outdoors cinema or the sea library, so people can enjoy of the sea in several ways.
In this area, people can easily enjoy one of the most traditional drinks in the Valencian Country, such as Horchata which is strongly recommended if you go there.

Sagunto beach


This beach is not so close as the other ones but is easily reachable by car (V-23) and by train. Sagunto is well-known for being an ancient Roman settlement which is one of the reasons for people to visit the town and the beach and at the same time do some tourism. For this reason, there are a lot of restaurants and bars alongside the coast which allow people to rest from the sea and get something to drink and eat with a beautiful landscape.
Sagunto beach wants to be a beach for everyone, so there are different areas for kids and for people to practice water sports and enjoy the beach in a different way. Furthermore, people do not have to worry about disabled people so there are different accesses enabling them to actually go to the beach too.

El Racó beach

El Racó beach is located in Cullera, near Valencia, and it is a good place to visit if you are in Valencia and need to rest from the city. During the summer, people can go to the street market alongside the coast and can enjoy of the town’s surroundings and its bars and restaurants. It is a perfect place for people to enjoy both the beach and the food of the Valencian Country.
The clear water of the sea is one of the strong points of this beach and its surroundings makes this beach perfect for everybody with services like disabled accesses and lifeguards for all over the beach.

As you have previously seen, Valencia has a lot of beautiful beaches which are worth to visit. Some of them are already very famous between the local people and tourists as well but some others are not so popular or are yet to be discovered, so if you are a person who like new places and want to try different beaches with different surroundings you can do it with this list.

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