viernes, junio 5, 2020

The Battle of Flowers of the Great Fair of Valencia

The Battle of Flowers of the Great Fair of Valencia will be celebrated the next day 30 in the walk of the Alameda.

It was Pasqual Frígola Ahís Xacmar i Beltrán, Baron of Cortes de Pallàs and president of ‘Lo Rat Penat’, who incorporated the Battle of Flowers to the acts of the July Fair in 1891, being the parade of floats with the oldest floral battle of Spain. The idea is based on the floral battle of Nice Carnival.

In the beginning, flocked carriages with flowers participated that, last Sunday of July, towards the afternoon, crossed a section of the Walk of the Alameda. The floats made a first round of the circuit before the jury that, when it finished, rewarded the most beautiful. During the second round, the participants threw streamers, confetti and flowers (carnations) to the people, and the latter responded in turn, delivering a peaceful and festive battle, full of aromas and color.

In its origins, only the Valencian bourgeoisie took part, which showed the social position through the value of the carriages and horses, the beauty of the floral ornamentations and the richness of the dresses. Over time, the Battle of Flowers was popularized and one of the most emblematic events of the Great Fair of Valencia.

Throughout century XX, the floats were replaced by platforms (always dragged by horses) on which allegorical scenes are mounted; But the rest of the ritual remains the same. In addition, the ‘gropes‘ were also added, horses dressed in a pair of men and women, dressed in dresses of the peasants of the ‘Huerta de Valencia’. Currently, the award for the best decorated carriage is named “Baron Cortes de Pallàs Prize” in honor of the creator of this act.