The Almussafes’ winger, Josep Puerto, silver medal in the U18M European

The winger Josep Puerto hung the silver medal in the U18M European with the Spanish National Team after the defeat of the national team in the final against Serbia by 62-74. After a first half equaled, the superiority in the interior game of the Balkans gave them an advantage in the third quarter that they did not let escape at any time. Berni Álvarez, orange legend as a player, also hangs this metal, in this case as technical assistant Prado coach. In his most discreet match of the tournament, Josep Puerto finished the final with 2 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists.

The Almussafes’ winger was one of the national team’s top players in this tournament, with a card in the overall seven-part European game of 9.7 points, 5.7 rebounds, 2, 7 assists, 1.4 robberies and 11.7 credits of valuation.  

The Valencia Basket player came out as a starter, with a national team that showed a good version from the beginning and it did not take long enough to take advantage of advantages, despite the efforts of Pecarski, to win by winning 18-11 at end of the first quarter with the final baskets of Parrado and Busquets. But Sergi Martínez was the one who assumed a major offensive role, to increase Spanish rent to eleven points at the beginning of the second quarter in which the Spanish defender drove to the Serbian offensive. When the Balkan box found a bit of success from the outside and the points both in the painting and Miskovic triple came to a point, until Ehigitor broke the partial against. The break came with partial Spanish victory by the minimum (29-28).

A disjointed Miskovic opened the second half with five points to put up in Serbia, which he managed to send for six. A 2+0 from Ehigitor broke the Balkan partial and the Cuevas entrance intensified the Spanish offensive, although Pecarski appeared to defend the Serbian advantage and expand it until 37-46. A 2+1 from Sergi Martínez found the answer from a triple of Tadic to reach 40-49 to 10 minutes from the end. Both interiors of Serbia continued to hurt the painting and, despite the efforts of Sergi Martínez, the best Spanish in the final, Uskokovic with a triple made it even more difficult. Cuevas assumed responsibility for his usual shamelessness, but Momirov joined the Serbian festival so that his selection would enter 18 above four minutes from the end. Sergi Martínez found it right but it was too late and Uskokovic also protected the Balkan income for the match. Parra and Miguel González gave a stroke to lower the disadvantage of the tenth, but the Balkans played with intelligence because the gold medal ended in the hands of Serbia for a result of 62-74.

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