jueves, febrero 27, 2020

International Festival of Performing Arts “Tercera Setmana”

Tercera Setmana is the festival of performing arts, which, in its second edition, is being held in the city of Valencia from 8 to 18 June 2017.

We propose again this annual festival of the performing arts, a window open to creation and adventure; a platform for the presentation of new talents that brings together different genres for different audiences. With works that, in spite of the small of its format in some cases, they overflow stage power and will of intimate communication with its spectators and spectators.
Tercera Setmana will host proposals of quality and excellence, where to meet, and where to open a window for dialogue between creators and creators and citizens. Because we intend to go further by proposing a catalog of formation of experiences.
In this second edition, we want to meet again with those who accompanied us last edition and in this new one, to make the circle bigger. We want to add more and more active public, eager to share proposals of scenic nature, that comes to the meeting, which wants to invent and imagine. And in these exciting times of constant changes, our project aspires to participate in them, transferring ideas and emotions on a human scale. Because it is in the theater and in its infinite power where the possibility and the soul of that change of the individual is conserved.
Their success will be to meet you in the halls, in the streets, in each of the places where the creators will summon us to tell their stories, waiting for the fertile encounter with those who come to hear them.