viernes, junio 5, 2020

Taste rice dishes in Valencia

If you want to taste the original rice and wine from Valencia, you can enjoy of the Valencian rice and wine gastronomic days which takes place from the 16th of September to the 2nd of October. During these days’ people can taste different dishes made with these ingredients available in 32 restaurants.

People will be able to enjoy dishes like paella, oven-baked rice, del senyoret rice and so on, but also other innovative recipes can be found which are a good opportunity for those people who want to taste different dishes, not only the traditional ones. For those who want to know which are the restaurants that participate during these days, there is a section available in their official webpage in which people can get to know more about restaurants and their dishes.

For those people who want to be awarded with activities related to wine, such as a wine degustation or visit to a winery there is a contest available in which people can go to one of these restaurants and take a picture of him or her enjoying the meal and post it on twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #arrozyvinovalenciano and then, they have to share it on Saborea Comunitat Valenciana’s facebook wall with the name of the restaurant on it.

If you are in Valencia or around it this is a great opportunity to taste ones of the most traditional dishes in the Valencian Country and other dishes as well which can make you learn more about this fantastic community and its gastronomy.