viernes, marzo 5, 2021

Shelters and trenches of the Civil War Route in El Puig

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Shelters and trenches of the Civil War, a complex formed by trenches, bunkers, tunnels, machine gun nests and platforms.

In the spring of 1938 the Francoist troops advanced towards Valencia, reason why the republican Government had to consider a new defensive strategy. They decided to build arc-shaped fortifications around the city of Valencia.

This line known as El Puig-Los Carasoles, also called the Immediate for being the closest to Valencia, has 26 km. of length. It extends from El Puig to Ribarroja del Turia. It is an extensive complex formed by trenches, bunkers, tunnels, machine gun nests and platforms.

In the locality of El Puig five points of defense are conserved. One is on the coast, it is an anti-aircraft battery that has been declared BIC since July 2006. The rest of defensive points are in the mountains of Cabeçolet, Cabeç Bort, Santa Bárbara and the mountain of Castell, also known as the Patà.

The Coordinator in Defense of the Forests of the Turia, together with the Valencian Culture Council and the Valencian federation of municipalities and provinces have requested that the Puig-Carasoles defensive line be declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. This approval is pending.

Guided tour prior reservation. There will be two visits per day until 17th of December.

Duration: 1h 30 minutes approx.
Meeting point: at 11: 00h and at 12:30 h. on the steps of the Church of the Royal Monastery.
Price € 2. Free for: children under 14 years of age and residents of El Puig, prior accreditation with the N.I.F.