miércoles, febrero 19, 2020

Rototom Sunsplash, a reggae festival for everyone

Rototom Sunsplash will be held from the 13th to the 20th of August in Benicassim and will consist on a Reggae festival ,focusing both on the musical and cultural aspect of this musical genre.

In this festival, there will be different areas and different activities as well, so although the main focus of the event is the reggae music there will also be activities related to culture. On one hand, the areas addressed to music lovers are: the Main Stage, Dance Hall, Showcase Stage, Dub Academy, Roots Yard, and Clubs in which people will have the best reggae music with different concerts to enjoy in one single event. Then, there will also be areas for those people more interested in the cultural aspect of the reggae music and who will also have the chance to assist to different activities and areas related to the reggae’s culture, such as the Social Forum, Reggae University Camp, African Village, Rototom Circus, Magicomundo, Pachamama, Artistic Symposium, Artisan’s Market and No Profit where everyone will be able to enjoy the most traditional and cultural part of reggae to get to know more about reggae itself.

The price can change considerably depending on your interests. For example, if you want to go 8 days, the price would be 200€ and if you want to camp there it will be more expensive (240€). This price will decrease taking into consideration the number of days you are going to the event, so 7 days will decrease to 175€ without camping and 2 days will decrease to 60€ without camping as well. However, there are other offers that are much cheaper, which is the 1-day ticket which will cost only 33€ without camping and 38€ with it, which is much more affordable.

If you are in Valencia or Castellón and you want to go to the festival, there are different ways to get there, such as for example going by car (N-340), by train (Benicàssim or Castelló de la Plana station) or by bus which you can take in Castellón (ALSA, Avanza, HIFE).