Places to visit in the Valencian Country

If you are going to the Valencian Country and you don’t have any idea, here you have some suggestions about some places which are worth visiting at least once.

Citrus Historical Museum in Burriana

This museum is in Burriana and it is the perfect place to learn more about oranges and its history. Moreover, the tickers are not very expensive and everyone can afford it.

Parque escultórico in El Puig

If you are visiting El Puig you will be able to go to this park and enjoy the different sculptures which are in it, which is interesting and different from other parks in the Valencian Country.

Gurugu beach


This beach is in Benicarló and it is a good place to enjoy of sea and it is the perfect place to relax during your stay.


Roman Museum in Valencia

This museum is in Valencia and It is the perfect place to learn about roman life and its civilization and how they used to live. It is a place that you must visit if you like history and learning about different cultures and civilizations.

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