jueves, junio 4, 2020

Pego Carnival one of the most famous in Valencia

February is synonymous with Carnival, you know. The Pego Carnival is one of the most famous in the Region of Valencia and does not leave indifferent to any of the thousands of visitors it receives every year. In the years 1981-1982 the Pego Libertarian Ateneo organized a workshop of cardboard masks for Carnival, recalling the one that was celebrated in the municipality before the war. These masks were going around the town entering bars and the nightclub and no one could think that it was beginning what would be the most participative festivity of Pego.

As every year, the streets of Pego are prepared for the most crazy, media and fun Carnival in the whole Valencian Community. This town in the province of Alicante is filled with light, music, laughter and color to welcome the thousands of people who gather those days to celebrate the great Carnival festivity.

As it is already a tradition a week before the start of Carnival, “La Baixada del Riu Bullent” is celebrated, where many participants gather to make a river race in disguise, with boats that they have made themselves and which should not have a motor .

In the celebration of the Carnival the ‘Pinyata’ and the Sardine Burial are celebrated. In solitary, with the family, in couple or with friends, prepare a good disguise because you will need it.

The streets of Pego breathe history, its cuisine is exceptional, the Castle of Ambra is one of the must-see points and an archaeological walk through its valley will complete your visit.