Paco Torreblanca participates in the fourth edition of “Sublimation”

Accidental pastry chef, Paco Torreblanca went from wanting to raise chickens and Rabbits and having a small bakery to open more and more local with their Children and to be considered the best bakery in Europe. After years of working In its Elda confectionery store, ‘Totel’, which remains its center of operations, the fame came to him in 2004, when he was commissioned to make the cake that would put the icing on the marriage between Prince Felipe and Letizia Ortiz. He confesses that this immense honor made him feel a great responsibility and that he did not remain calm until he received, with all standing guests, led by Charles of England, a unanimous ovation. Now he receives 400 applications a year from people who want to learn from him, participates in congresses and publishes books with their recipes. Even so, he still taking time to enjoy a sunrise from the top of a mountain…

About Sublimation

Immersed in a spectacle of the Royal Theater, in full flight to Thailand, as the protagonist of “La Quimera del Oro” by Charles Chaplin, in a cabaret of Le Moulin Rouge, in the middle of the jungle or in hell. This is the scenario where you will find whoever book in Sublimotion. I will explain. We do not talk about a restaurant, no. It is the first gastronomic performance. It reaches its fourth edition, which begins on June 1st , and takes the diner to an unprecedented gastro trip: “This is a show created to thrill the five senses,” says Paco Roncero. Located in the Hard Rock Hotel of Ibiza, the price of the menu is 1500 euros plus VAT and consists of twelve to fourteen elaborations, which makes it, from the day of its inauguration, in the most expensive of the globe. It has its why. To make possible the experience, the cook uses the most advanced technology and relies on several professionals from different disciplines. He has this time with some of his colleagues: Diego Guerrero, Toño Pérez, Dani García and the pastry chef Paco Torreblanca. Among them, they embrace eight Michelin stars: “The aim of bringing together such talent is to offer something different to the demanding customer. Also, sharing the experience. This is yet another consequence of the fact that Spanish cuisine has evolved so positively, wanting to share our work.

By uniting the creative force it is easier to investigate and create in a new stage art in which not only the body is fed, but also the spirit “.

It opens the appetite of the diner a song by David Bisbal with music by Alfonso González Aguilar, while Jorge Blass brings magic doses to the scenery. Because, careful the table can become a stag

According to the information available on its website, the new experience will be “the most Sublimotion of all” because, one more year, it will combine the augmented and virtual reality applied to the gastronomy with “radical scene changes” to visit a future avant-garde or a Cabaret of the early twentieth century. The restaurant opens its doors from June 1 to September 30, but it already accepts reservations.

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