Pablo Pales and Aarón Polanco are a great team!!!

The FIM CEV has had the last test of the season at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo de Xest, with a large participation of pilots, teams and, above all, many audiences who attended the Circuit to enjoy races . Among the great number of competitors, we find two Valencian talents, the driver of Almussafes Aarón Polanco, the winner of all the lower categories of the regional motorcycling championships, and the Director of Proto-Tech, Pablo Pales, who runs one of the technology companies with more international projection of the Valencian Community and supporting the Valencian driver.

This couple of friends, despite the obvious difference of generation, has formed a sport synergy that has led them to integrate into the Leopard Junior Team, one of the most powerful structures within the national championship and current world champions of motorcycling with the Balearic Joan Mir. And they have achieved this thanks to the hard work, the joint effort and the passion that unites them, the motorcycles of competition.

Aarón Polanco is a young 17-year-old rider born in the Ribera Baixa, and with a natural talent that the members of their sports structure are highly valued. Formed at home in the «Cradle of Champions» of the Ricardo Tormo Circuit and with an enviable record – the only driver who managed to win consecutively the regional categories of MiniMoto, MiniGP 90, MiniGP 140 and Moto 4 – was discovered as a young talent in the 2012 season for a live legend of Valencian motorcycling, such as Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’, who paid attention to the nature of the piloting of Almussafes and offered him the opportunity to debut at the CEV by piloting a Mahindra and being a teammate of Luca Marini, brother of Valentino Rossi.

This season 2017, and with an impeccable progression with the Aspar Team, Aarón Polanco becomes part of the Leopard Junior Team, most likely, the most powerful structure within the FIM CEV or the Junior World Championship. Coinciding that the last date was played at the Xest Circuit, we had the opportunity to talk with Aaron and Pablo, Proto-Tech Director and protector of the young pilot, about how the season has ended and what future expectations are facing the next.

«It was a very good season. I had the opportunity to drive a Moto 3 with features very similar to those of the World Cup and it is indescribable. I also debuted at the World Championship with Team Leopard at Motorland and it is a great opportunity to measure the level with the official pilots. I am very happy about how things are going, «Aarón told us with the naturalness and tranquility that characterizes him.

About his learning and training processes as a professional pilot, Aaron told us that «I learned a lot from the new team. It is a professional structure in which they know very well how to do things, and that’s how more progress. They know how to analyze each movement, each curve, each gear, and remove 100% from all the circumstances. «

Aarón Polanco has a lot of confidence in Pablo Pales, his support throughout his career as a pilot in training. «The truth is that I have a lot of luck. It is a very difficult and costly sport, and having the support of Proto-Tech has been essential. I am very happy because Pablo takes a lot of pressure from me and I only have to think about to pilot «commented Aaron of its main follower and of the company that supports them, Proto-Tech. «It has been he who has achieved that I have had so many opportunities to continue progressing in this sport,» the young pilot sentenced.

Being part of the structure that has the world title today has made the progress of the La Ribera Baixa pilot has been greater, but also the demand to achieve results and to offer their best driving.

Pablo Pales, Director of Proto-Tech, the main personal sponsor of him and of one of the Valencian companies of European reference in the design and manufacture of parts of high technology, is who currently accompanies the pilot in his career as a professional .

In relation to this union, Pablo told us that «it is a huge pride to be able to be with Aaron in everything that is going on. As a motorcycle racing fan it is an indescribable pleasure to enjoy natural talent for to drive from Aarón, which is the fundamental reason why we have managed to reach where we are currently, and as a personal friend of the Aarón family, it is a huge pride to be able to be on his side in the world of motorcycle racing «.

When asked about the function of Proto-Tech within the binomial they make up, Pablo answers with clarity: «From Proto-Tech, we take care of Aaron only thinking about the races and watching how to improve his pilots. In fact, it is a bet we make for him without thinking of anything other than his best for his sports career. «

The future that awaits this Valencian union is, as Pablo Pales told us as an exclusive one, to sign another season with the Leopard Junior Team, which has already made its strategic movements to ensure the presence of Polanco as the main driver of your Moto 3 team at FIM CEV. The objective of Aarón and the Leopard Team is to be champions of the Junior World Cup, which will allow them to be in the Moto 3 World Cup the following season and continue training as a professional driver of Almussafes.

However, the talent that the young pilot has when faced with turns, when he opens gas and changes of direction can be appreciated. Watch him pilot closely, with the naturalness of the one who carries more than half life on a motorcycle, check that Aarón Polanco is an innate talent of motorcycle racing. If the injuries are respected, it is very likely to hear a lot about their results in the not too distant future.

No doubt, a couple who have a lot more than just a sport relationship. Aarón Polanco and Pablo Pales are two friends who have put together their best skills to form a winning tandem. They are very clear that this is a path with many uncertainties, difficulties and demands, but both are more than prepared to face the challenge of getting the young driver from Almussafes to be Spain’s champion of motorcycling.

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