sábado, mayo 30, 2020

“Our beaches, not overcrowded and of quality are our strongest point“

Patricia Puerta, tourism councillor of Castellón de la Plana

After three years, is there a radical change in the way we see tourism in Castellón?

There are events like Escala Castellón that guarantee it as it has had 75,000 visitors. Our tourism plan makes more incidence in the gastronomy, that is why we have made the I International competition Arrocito of Castellón (Castellón’s Rice) where we have had a jury full of Michelin stars chefs. The cuttlefish, the prawn, the monkfish and the artichoke were there to help promote our local products.

Will new boats dock in the next edition of Escala Castellón?

We are working on a new edition by 2020 with the French town Sète. This will allow us to give the best service and the greatest number of activities bringing together synergies with other cities to make it more accessible.

Is el Grao the gastronomic capital of Castellon?

Without a doubt. It has so many tourist possibilities thanks to the cuisine. A project in which the Association Gastronomy of Castellón does a lot of work.

Is the airport one of the great gateways to the city?

It is starting to be now. It is more and more noticeable the arrival in Castellón of people from different European cities. We want to establish a permanent information service there for days that flights operate.

Castellón has a very high bar in terms of beaches: What is the next step to improve the brand?

The beaches are our strong point, they are not overcrowded and are of great quality: the three beaches have the Q of Qualitur, the quality Q, and the Ecoplayas Flag, the blue trail, the library of the sea, and a selection of themed beaches: The Pinar for families, the Gurugú intended for leisure and beach bars and the Serradal beach with a great natural landscape. We have set the bar high and the next goal is to improve and modernise the promenade. We also have many services such as a place for breastfeeding, smart bracelets for the kids, and a children’s reading point.

What event would you especially recommend to a tourist who comes up to ask you?

One option would be the Yoga Festival, which will be the 20, 21 and 22 of July. It will be held in the park and on the beach in the Pinar: one greener and one beachier. The last year it had 5000 participants and we expect to exceed that number this year.

Is there fear of the Portuguese jellyfish?

Our beaches have lifeguards for the safety of the bathers. When we detect its presence, we put a red flag up before they reach the coast to avoid any bathing and we start up the protocol to act against the jellyfish.

Is the Market an axis of active tourism?

We have carried out a great job highlighting the Central market, which was the great unknown. We have been scheduling free guided tours from Tourist Info offices for a year. This year we have included dramatised visits so that the tourist is amazed by the combination of dramatic art and heritage.