domingo, mayo 31, 2020

Ontinyent Moors and Christians 2017

The Moors and Christians in Ontinyent had their own representation at the Baroque era, linked to the shooting and the appointment of captains for the feast of the Immaculate. This soldier’s celebration disappeared soon, and it was in 1860 when the members of the Liberal Casino, with the collaboration of the City Council, started the celebration while important neighboring Mariolan models to generate a summer celebration, to celebrate between harvesting and harvesting in the country, and of a popular nature.

Nowadays there are twenty-four ‘comparsas’ that organize the festivity. The Christian side is formed by Almogávers, Asturs, Llauradors, Cides, Mariners, Bucaners, Estudiants, Gusmans, Arquers, Cruzados, Contrabandistes and Fontanos. The Moorish side has in its ‘filas’ the Moros Espanyols , Saudites, Mudejarse , Mossàrabs, Taifes, Moros Berberiscos, Moros Marinos, Xanos, Omeies, Benimerins, Abencerraigs and Kàbiles. The festive structure is organized in such a way that the first ‘comparsas’ hold the annual Captaincy of all the respective side, and those that do seven appoint the ‘Ambaixadors’ and ‘Banderers’. The charges are renewed every year. The first ‘comparsa’ is the last one the next year.

The festivities usually celebrate six days around the last weekend of August, and they are thrown on the previous Sunday with ‘L’esforzar de la llàgrima’ and the ‘Pregó de Festes-Presentació de Càrrecs’. In the days that follow, the great week, different leisure activities are organized. On Thursday 24th, the entrance of ‘Bandes de Música’ will take place, which concludes with the joint interpretation of the informal hymn of feast and city, “Chimo” of José María Ferrero. At night the ‘Alardos’, a very busy dress-up parade, takes place. On Friday 25th in the morning there is the Infantile Entrance, and in the afternoon the Entrance Christian and the Entrance Moor.