viernes, junio 5, 2020

‘Ninot’ Exhibition 2018

As it is already traditional, the exposed ‘ninots’ participate in an endearing contest whose result depends on the popular vote, which will decide which figure or groups of figures will be saved from the ‘Cremà’ on the night of March 19 and will become part of the ‘Col.lecció del Museu Faller’, to be admired by visitors to the city of Valencia.

Since 1934 this exhibition has been held showing a ‘ninot’ of each of the ‘fallas’ that are planted in the city of Valencia. Regino Mas, famous faller artist and member of the ‘Associació d’Artistes Fallers’, was the promoter of the proposal of the reprieve of the fire and that would inspire the celebration of the first ‘Exposició del Ninot’, as well as to save the figure that obtained greater number of votes in popular scrutiny. The first ‘Exposició del Ninot’ was held between March 13 and 14 of that year, located in the basement of the Central Market. “Iaia i Neta”, work of Vicente Benedito for the Plaza del Mercado commission, was the first group to be officially reprieved.

The following year, in 1935, the ‘Calvalcada del Ninot’ was created, consisting of a ‘comparsa’ made up of ‘fallers’ who, in disguise, accompanied the ‘ninot’ to the exhibition. This way of carrying out the cavalcade continued until 1953, when it was transformed to the way it is currently celebrated, according to the official program of the ‘Festes de Falles’.

The ‘Falles’ knocks on the door and in the ‘Exposició del Ninot’ you can already guess some details of the monuments that will be planted on March 14 and 15, filling the streets and squares of the city of Valencia plenty of color, spectacle and criticism. Come to visit it and vote your favourite ‘ninot’.

The ‘Exposició del Ninot 2018’ takes place between February 2 and March 15, and is located in the Prince Felipe Museum of Science.

The schedule to visit the ‘Exposició del Ninot 2018’ is from Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the hours are extended from 10 am to 9 pm.

The price of the ticket is 3 euros for the general public. There will be, however, a reduced entrance fee of 1.50 euros for children , seniors and members of the ‘La Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències’.

The ‘Exposició del Ninot Infantil’ will close on March 14 and that same day the winner will be announced. The winner of the adult ‘falles’ is announced on March 15.