Natural swimming pools you can find in the Valencian Country

If you like nature and swimming at the same time you cannot miss the chance to go to these natural swimming pools which are located in the Valencian Country. There is no doubt that these swimming pools are the ideal place to relax while you enjoy water.

El Azud-Pozo de las Escaleras


El Azud-Pozo de las Escaleras is located at the source of River Tuéjar and its clear water makes it an ideal place for all those people who want to swim while being in nature.

El Azud is a quiet place in which you will be able to go with your entire family and enjoy its vegetation which has always been one of its characteristics.

River Sellent in Bolbaite


Just before the river, people are able to find a lake in which is possible to swim and relax because of its clear and quiet water.

This is the perfect place to enjoy water and nature with kids, so there also is a recreational area for kids who want to enjoy their time after swimming in the lake.

Charco El Gruñidor in Sot de Chera


Charco El Gruñidor is located near the village Sot de Cher and people who want to enjoy nature and want to swim can do it now in the natural swimming pool that the river has created, next to a Roman aqueduct, which makes it an ideal place for all those people who want to be surrounded by history while swimming.

A river “beach” in Bugarra


This “beach” is located near River Turia and it is surrounded by mountains like Chiva and Chulilla. This natural swimming pool had its origin at the beginning of La Palmereta, in which some rocks helped to create this quiet lake.

Moreover, there is a playground for all those children who make the swimming difficult for the rest of the family and want to enjoy playing rather than swimming.

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