Natural pools in the province of Valencia

The best areas of bath in the province of Valencia, to enjoy authentic natural pools in the middle of nature. Perfect for a good bath, spend the day between friends and family or practice hiking and /or risk sports such as canyoning, zip line or abseiling in its surroundings. Places in beautiful rural places, in the middle of nature, in the outskirts of towns and perfect for a good bath at any time of the year.

Many of these places, some, are practically unknown and an act of responsibility and conscience can be taken. Remember to bring slippers suitable for the bathroom, as well as sunscreen and some protection for mosquitoes and insects as well as for bites.

Sot de Chera


El Gorgo de la Escalera en Anna

Lago de Anna (Albufera)

Chelva and the water route

River Houses 



Pou Clar




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