jueves, abril 2, 2020

Moors and Christians of Muro de Alcoy

Many are the celebrations that are celebrated in the town of Muro of Alcoy, but one of them stands out by its historical value, these are the celebrations of Moors and Christians in honor to La Virgen de los Desamparados, that go back to the year 1822. These Patron saint celebrations are held every year, the second weekend of May this year from 12th to the 15th . In them the comparsas parade sumptuous and cheerful to the rhythm of pasodobles and marchas moras. The feast is composed of two sides, the Moorish side and the Christian side. The first one is composed by six comparsas: Fila Llana, Fila Moros del Rif, Fila Tariks, Fila Realistas, Fila Verds and Fila Marroks. And respectively the Christian side is composed by five comparsas: Fila Mare de Déu, Fila Maseros, Fila Contrabandistas, Fila Piratas, Fila Arqueros and Fila Templaris. The third weekend in May, the feast is once again present in the town, to accompany the Patroness of La Virgen de los Desamparados to her dwelling “La Ermita”.

In 1998, the castle of Moorish and Christian Festivals is built, where it is the Board of Festivals and the Festivals Museum.